Class Pets


Rabbit Sophie is our classroom bunny. She loves the attention the children give her. She is very curious. Hopping around the room to visit her friends is one of her favorite activities. If she isn't being given enough attention she will let us know by tossing her bell bunny to make a little noise. The children are encouraged to bring her snacks from home. Her favorites are carrots, bananas and other fruits, leaf lettuce and bunny treats from the pet store.


Hermit Crab Digger is our class take-home pet. The children can invite him home for weekends and holidays. As a Hermit Crab he is easy to care for and the children love playing with him. Just remember to keep you hand flat so he won't pinch. If he does grab ahold he will let go if you run cold water over him. He also likes snacks from home. His favorites are lettuce, grapes and apples. While visiting his friends at home he'll crawl along mazes built by the children or enjoy a block house built especially for him. Don't leave Barbie in charge of watching him though. On one home visit she wasn't a very reliable babysitter!

The Fish Family

Rabbit The Fish Family is a permanent part of the science center. There are several different types of fish in our tank. The tank adds a calming effect to our classroom with the quiet sound of moving water. As the children observe the fish they can write their observations in our Science Log. Children are always on the look out to see if there are any babies swimming about.


turtle Rocky is our newest classroom pet. He is a red eared slider and lives in the water. We adopted him when his owner, Delphine, moved back to Belguim. We will make sure Rocky enjoys his stay in our classroom.

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